Hahnemann Homeopathic Centre

(‚ÄčProvides homeopathic medicine to assist in the management of various health conditions.)

Himanshu P. Upadhyaya 


email: consultation@homeopathyforall.com.au | 0405 267 810

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact Himanshu for an appointment and to discuss homeopathic assistance in your condition.

Homeopathic Consultations

First consultation: 

Duration: Approx. 45 min 
Fees: $90:00

Follow-up consultation:

Duration: Approx. 20 min
Fees: $50:00

Please note:

Homeopathic medicines are provided at an extra cost. 

Additional cost for express post is applied, if medicines are required to be delivered to preferred address.

No Medicare